Terra Collection: Stylish and Trendy Outdoor Seating Made of Eco Friendly Material

There have been so many eco-friendly furniture pieces introduced to modern people. Such pieces are made of materials that don’t create damage to nature. Terra Collection designed by Bram Bollen is one kind of the eco-friendly furniture. The collection includes comfortable seating, like sofa, chair, armchair and bench. Made of Canax (a type of fiber), the seating is amazingly able to purify air around it because the material has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide. Terra Collection becomes the first choice of modern people to decorate their outdoor areas.

Another special thing of Terra Collection is that each piece is created with hands. It really ensures the high quality of the seating. Although made in traditional way, the collection boasts stylish and trendy design that must attract modern people. The first picture shows you a captivating cream Terra sofa in an outdoor space.

Added with white foamy pad and pillows, the piece provides very comfortable seating for enjoying the beauty of blue ocean. While sitting on the sofa, you certainly can also take a breath of fresh and healthy air.

Next, there is a lovely Terra armchair in an upper balcony. Just like the sofa, the chair comes in cream color. It’s also complemented with comfy white pad and pillow. A small blue pillow is put on the seating to create more interesting look. Meanwhile, a Terra bench is set in front of the chair to serve as a nice footrest. The balcony itself allows you to see a wonderful green hill. Well, I really want to sit on the chair while drinking fresh limejuice and enjoying the natural view.

There is also Terra chair that comes in darker color as you can see from the third picture. Since the piece is rather dark in color, then it can make an outdoor space to appear more elegant. White pad and pillow inevitably enhance the comfort of the seating. If you want to save nature and getting comfort at the same time, then just purchase Terra Collection!