Trendy Chicago Condominium with soft Dark and White Drape

Stylish condominium in from Chicago is 747 North Clark building. Take River North sector as the strategic place in six times 2000+ square foot. Oak wood front door brings you to the cheerful lobby style. Modern industrial looks from the overall outdoor design. It is visualized with steel frame and glass windows. Shiny interior design with draped with dark and white. Low energy is certain because white wall color meets with outdoor daytime lighting.

This open floor plan looks natty and high class. Diamond pattern rug enhances the living room under the several furniture items. Simple square white ottoman coffee table puts there together the refined grey sofas and black Barcelona chairs. Aside the outdoor view, fluorescent wall art and side table vanishes the plain sense. By the way, each floor of this condominium has balcony décor. Cozy mini balcony designs with grey wire banister and a couple of industrial chairs.

Lively stainless steel backsplash takes brick pattern. It looms between the cool grey wooden kitchen cabinet. Similar furniture style looms afore with white countertop. Actually, it is splendid kitchen island with bar sink and dishwasher. This interior design that has elegant dark hardwood floor adds catchy dining nook. Modest log bench puts opposite to the finest bar stools. Enchanting white dining table stands with unique centerpiece. Seemly, this dining space gives you special eating with relaxing upholstered armchairs.

Spacious feel bathroom designs with open shower space. It is proven by the shower head hose aside the nice alcove bathtub. Minimalist vanity sets with vessel sink puts aside the tub in soft grey table. Alright, I ask you back to the façade in which it has shiny yellow wall. Two shady spruces calm this front house design. Definitely, it neutralizes the toxic from the pollution. As you know, this condominium faces off the main street. This Chicago condominium is ideal for living calming in the middle of the crowded city.