Watching the Great of Revamping Garage into the Modern Living Distinctively

Surely, some people suppose that the designer don’t have things to do. FABRE/ deMARIEN revamps the garage becomes a modern small living. Actually, it is a great inspiring idea. You no need to buy house with high price. Yeah, they complete it in East Bank, Rive Droite, in Bordeaux, France. It needs six month on the 441 square foot garage. Earlier, it is an ugly garage with sliding wooden door and clay tile roof. Indeed, they still maintain it to hide the stunning interior style.

By the way, it consists of three spaces which are minimalist. Simple deck patio is overlooking with the stylish white kitchen and living room. Here, the patio gets adequate lighting from the industrial pendant lamp and skylight. You can sit on that white husky chairs and make a small talk. At night, it blossoms out cool interior design. Catchy potted plant puts on the antique exterior table. Both lightings blend with cozy strike radiant. To enter the kitchen or living room, you must pass the 13’ X 7’ sliding glass door.

Although the garage changes more stylish, it still displays the original part. You are going to look it from the sturdy concrete floor. It props the fancy white dining room sets with glass top. Besides that, there is enchanting space-saving kitchen with clear glass backsplash. The most amazing style looms from the 12’ x 10’ x 10’wooden cube. It accommodates many cases. It sets in the center with built-in sofa and desk for the living room.

That cube saves sink, bathroom, closer, toilet, shower, and washing machine. Meanwhile, the incredible attic bedroom sets atop with warm compact layout. Indeed, it is the finest small sleeping area with l shaped storage and skylight. I think this living is proper for the bachelors in which they will not feel alone. Hopefully, you have change to own it before you marry.