White and Green Decoration for Charming Bedroom Design

A white bedroom scheme might be not a favorite for a lot of people as it is too desolate. So, green could be a good choice to make it more alive. Moreover, this color is pleasing in the eye and creating a refreshing atmosphere when combined with the white color. Here are some examples of various gorgeous white and green bedroom designs.

In this first picture, you can see a simple white bedroom with some green accents around it. The green paint in the ceiling and upper side of the wall will be an impressive green accent that you can get here. The white wooden planks for the wall will make the design more awesome. You can also see another green accent within the bedding within the green decorative pillows.

Then, you can also see a green scheme bedroom with white bed on it. If the first picture is dominated by the white color, here you can see a bedroom interior color design that dominated by the green. The green scheme here gives a relaxing and refreshing nuance on it. Some white lines on this bedroom also beautify the green scheme.

In the other hand, you can also see a white bedroom with wooden platform bed on it. This modern bedroom design looks so awesome with some green accents on it. The carpet below the wooden bed which consists of green, grey and white accents look as stunning with the green as the boldest one. There is also a green bedroom bench which is so bold and adding a real green accent here.

Combining two colors for a bedroom decoration is a very good idea that you need to try. A white color self will be nothing without any other color. Meanwhile, green could give you a relaxing nuance and also match perfectly with the white color like those pictures.